Healthy Skin Gives Confidence

This guy asked me if I would be interested to work for a London escorts service. We sort of met in this bar in London and started to chat to each other. At the time, I was doing this dead end job as a waitress in a restaurant. He thought that I had a pretty face and actually told me that I would make a great London escorts. Of course, the girls at London escorts are well known around this part of London, but at the time, I did not have enough confidence to join a a great escorts in London service.

The problem was that I was suffering from really bad scaly skin. Some parts of my skin was so dry that it actually looked like scales. It all started when I moved up to London from Cornwall and the water quality changed. It was clear that London water did not really agree with me at all. I would have loved to have joined a London escorts at the time, but I felt that it was not for me. Anyway, the guy gave me his card and asked me to keep in touch.

When I got back home, I checked out the London escorts service that he represented. The service had a really nice website and the girls who worked there looked really hot. Honestly, I wished that I could have instantly improve my skin quality and start to work for a London escorts service. The money would be so much better and I might finally be able to make something out of myself. Having thought things through, I decided to spend some of my eager on seeing a specialist in London.

It goes without saying that I did not tell the specialist that I was planning to join a London escorts service. Instead I said that I was just concerned about my skin and wanted to sort it out. She was really good and said that it was not such a big deal. I was just suffering from dry skin and it was because I did not use such good skin care products. In the end, she put me on a regime of horse chestnut capsules and some excellent skin care products. Within a couple of days I was beginning to see improvements in my skin quality.

About eight weeks later, I felt confident enough to give the guy from London escorts a call. I had ditched all of the cheap skin care products and was now spending money on quality products instead. On top of that I had changed my diet and was eating lots of oily fish. Not only did my skin look better, but I personally felt better as well. Calling London escorts was still a big step but the owner of the London escorts agency was glad to hear from me. A week later I was doing my publicity photos for the agency. Even the photographer thought that I looked really good and before I knew it, he had often me some glamour modelling sessions. Now I am working for London escorts, and doing a little bit of part time modeling on the side. To be honest, I could not be happier.

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